Plus Maths has a large number of great podcasts which look at maths ToK topics:

1) An interview with Max Tegmark (pictured above) about why he thinks that the universe is itself a mathematical structure.

2) An interview with physicists David Berman about how many dimensions exist.

3) A talk with cosmologist John Barrow about infinity.

4) A discussion with Roger Penrose about the puzzle of time.

And many more.  Well worth a listen!

5) There’s also a good lecture by Professor Ray Monk on the University of Southampton page (see “useful downloads”) looking at the link between philosophy and mathematics – which takes a fascinating journey through the history of maths and the great ideas of great men.

6) Maths for Primates is a fantastic source of podcasts – 14 and counting, on fractals, Zeno, Hilbert’s hotel and more.