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I have just created a brand new site: as a dedicated resource for teachers at international schools around the world.  Some of the resources on the site include:

(1) 100 pdf worksheets (around 250 pages of content) with 100 pdf worked solution markschemes (around 400 pages of content).  The worksheets cover the whole of the Analysis SL and HL syllabus and are designed for 40 min to one hour students lesson work or homework.  All question papers are embedded so that they can be viewed by teachers before downloading.

(2) 20 paper 3 questions with full solutions (about 200 pages of content)

(3) Exploration Guides, Modelling Guides, Statistics Guides (about 150 pages of content)

(4) 35 flipchart quizzes for IGCSE students (around 700 flipchart pages)

(5) Full worked solution notes for IGCSE Extended and Additional Maths. (around 300 pages of content).

You can see an example of a worksheet at the top of the page (click to see the pdf), and below I have embedded some pdfs to view.

This site is only available to teacher working at schools – and both individual user licenses and multi-user licenses are possible.  Explore the site!  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Example worksheet 1: Box and whiskers

Click to access 6box-and-whisker-and-cumulative-frequency.pdf

Example worksheet 2: Area between curves

Click to access 3area-2-curves-and-ftc.pdf

Example mark scheme for integrating factor differential equations:

Click to access 14integrating-factor-ms.pdf

Example mark scheme for sketching with a GDC

Click to access 6-sketching-graphs-hw-ms.pdf