flipping maths

I’ve created a number of playlists – which should cover nearly all of the key content that you need for HL Maths.  Used alongside a good textbook these should allow you to both prepare for lessons and review them afterwards.  Each playlist has a mixture of lesson content and also worked solutions for past paper style questions.

IB Revision with Revision Village

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There’s a really great website been put together to help IB students with topic revision both for during the course and for the end of Year 12 school exams and Year 13 final exams.  I would strongly recommend students use this as a resource during the course. You choose your subject (HL/SL/Studies if your exam is in 2020 or Applications/Analysis if your exam is in 2021), and then have the following resources:

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 4.42.05 PM.pngThe Questionbank takes you to a breakdown of each main subject area (e.g. Algebra, Calculus etc) and each area then has a number of graded questions. What I like about this is that you are given a difficulty rating, as well as a mark scheme and also a worked video tutorial.  Really useful!

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The Practice Exams section takes you to ready made exams on each topic – again with worked solutions.  This also has some harder exams for those students aiming for 6s and 7s.

The Past IB Exams section takes you to full video worked solutions to every question on every past paper – and you can also get a prediction exam for the upcoming year.  I would really recommend everyone making use of this – there is a mixture of a lot of free content as well as premium content so have a look and see what you think.

The IB HL Flipping Maths Videos are grouped into:

Algebra 1

1a) Geometric and arithmetic sequences and series, binomial expansion, permutations, induction, logs:

Algebra 2

1b) Complex numbers – DeMoivre’s Theorem, converting between polar and Cartesian, sketching complex numbers, solving nth roots, equating real and imaginary parts of equations:


2) Finding vertical and horizontal asymptotes, domains, absolute values of graphs, factor and remainder theorem, solving quadratics using the determinant, inverse functions:


3) Converting between radians and degrees, sketching trig graphs, using trig formulae, sketching inverse trig functions, solving trig equations using factorisation.


4) Dot products, cross products, unit vectors, parametric equations. Vector equations of lines, planes, intersection of a line and a plane, intersection of 2 planes.

Probability and Stats

5) Basic probability, bayes Theorem, binomial distribution, introduction to standard deviation, Poisson distribution, Normal distribution – finding probabilities and z values, permutations


6a) Differentiation rules – chain, product, quotient. Optimisation, implicit differentiation, rates of change, equation of tangents.

6b) Integration rules, definite integrals, areas between curves, volume of revolutions, trig substitutions, integration by parts, u substitutions.

7) Option Paper

Calculus Option Part 1:

Limits, limits at infinity, determining if limits exist, differentiating from first principles, L’Hopital’s Rule, Squeeze theorem, Rolle’s theorem, Mean Value theorem.

Calculus Option Part 2:

differential equations, solving differential equations through separating variables, substitution and integrating factor, sketching slope fields.

Calculus Option Part 3:

Improper integrals, Comparison test, Riemann sums, divergence test, comparison test, limit comparison test, alternating series test, absolute convergence, power series, Ratio test.

Calculus Option Part 4:

Power series, Taylor and Maclaurin series,

Stats Option

*this may need updating as the syllabus is a little different now*

Revision Videos

8) Revision Videos: A fantastic collection of detailed videos on each topic specifically made for SL maths- but also useful for HL students – you need to know all this as well!  Algebra, Functions, Probability and Statistics, Trigonometry, Vectors and Calculus reviewed in depth (each video is about 40 minutes and goes through all core content with worked examples).  There’s also a comprehensive GDC review of all techniques needed for the paper 2 calculator exam.

Most of the videos are taken from the two fantastic video collections of PatrickJMT and ExamSolutions. Both have even more videos to watch to view topics in more detail.