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This is inspired by a fantastic website – we use math – which has a massive amount of information about different careers using mathematics in a really well laid out format.

According to a comprehensive careers survey by Careers Cast – which looked at over 200 different jobs and ranked them for stress, pay, job stability and work environment – 6 of the top 10 jobs require or strongly prefer maths graduates or those with a good mathematical background.

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Meanwhile, a 2009 Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers – which looked at American students’ job prospects after leaving university found that – “The top 15 highest-earning college degrees all have one thing in common — math skills.”

“Math is at the crux of who gets paid,” said Ed Koc, director of research at NACE. “If you have those skills, you are an extremely valuable asset.”

maths jobs

From the we use math site there is information (with interviews, maths required, job skills etc) on about 50 maths related jobs – as well as some pretty impressive statistics about the usefulness of mathematics:

These are the A-E jobs included on the site:

maths careers

There is also an accompanying video with interviews from a large range of mathematicians talking about the jobs they have gone into:

Along with the equally brilliant Maths Careers website there should be enough ammunition to never be stumped by the perennial, “When are we ever going to use this in real life?”

I’ve used the data above to make a poster for display – it’s downloaded from here: Want to be an astronaut?