One of my favourite resources is Jeopardy. For those not familiar with the game (I think it’s American), it’s a gameshow, where you get to choose questions of different levels of difficulty, from a range of categories. I downloaded the template from TES – it’s a ready-made powerpoint which you can click on to take you to relevant questions, and then another click returns you to the home screen. The class can be split into teams, each team given a whiteboard and (say) 2 minutes to answer a question. Teams with the correct answer get those points for their teams. The challenge round adds a bit more excitement – and you can add any general questions or puzzles – such as dingbats or memory challenges (memorise pi to 10 places etc). Here is a screen capture of the initial powerpoint slide:

I’ve uploaded a large number of these to TES (mostly IGCSE at the moment – but some IB and KS3 too)


Maths Studies Revision of Triangles, Sets, Geometry and Logic

Maths HL Trigonometry (geometrical shapes)

Key stage 3

Year 7 Easy General Revision

Year 7 Hard General Revision

Year 8 Easy General Revision

Year 9 Hard General Revision

KS3 – Fractions, Decimals, Percentages (Levels 5 and 6)

KS3 – Shape (Level 5 and 6)

KS3 – Algebra (Level 5 and 6)

Key stage 4

Topic: GCSE Number

Topic: GCSE Algebra 1

Topic: GCSE Algebra 2 e

Topic: GCSE Stats and Probability

Topic GCSE Trig/Shape

Topic: GCSE Geometry

Topic: GCSE sets functions vectors

Topic IGCSE Matrices