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Maths Exploration Webinars

A few teachers have asked about this so I have just started to offer webinar training sessions for the mathematics exploration coursework.  

Key details:

Length of training:  80 minute training session via Google Meet or Zoom.  (There is flexibility on time lengths).

Group booking:  Ideal for departmental training.  Maximum of 8 participants.  

Content covered: Understanding the new marking criteria, common student mistakes, using technology effectively, helping students choose a suitable topic, how to effectively mark and add comments to a final draft, plus an opportunity to ask questions and discuss any issues.

Times available:  Please specify when you are looking to hold your training session and I will see if I can accommodate this.  

Cost: $150.  Payable through either PayPal or PayPal invoice (i.e credit card accepted).

Extras:  All participants will receive 3 pdf guides worth $20:  Exploration Guide, Modeling for Explorations and Statistics for Exploration.  Around 170 pages of content.  All participants will receive a certificate of participation for professional development purposes.

About the trainer:

I currently work as an IB examiner (experience in both SL and HL moderation). I have an MSc. in Mathematics and over a decade in experience teaching IB internationally.   I have written 3 pdf guides to help students and teachers with their explorations (as well as Paper 3 resources).  I have also put together the website over a number of years and there are now over 200 unique posts exploring mathematics topics ranging from using Chi squared to crack codes to modeling the fallout of a nuclear war and imagining hyper dimensional cubes.   

Contact form:

If you are interested in finding out more then please fill in the form below with as much information as possible and I will get back to you.