Even though this is primarily an IB site, most of us will also teach KS3 or IGCSE – so I’ve started to put together some links to help.


General Mathematics sites

1.Emaths A comprehensive collection of resources – in particular a lot of KS3 resources, tarsia and SATS papers.
2. NCTM Illuminations A large number of searchable enrichment activities, plus a large number of apps (under activities) to help with graphing.
3.Maths is fun A large number of maths puzzles – algebra, number and logic.
4.Mymaths (Paid) login required – but it contains a huge number of resources for KS3 and IGCSE.
5.General Nrich A constantly updated and searchable site with lots of graded maths problems. 6.CIMT Lots of resources for real life maths, code breaking and puzzles.
7. TES Maths resources Probably the biggest teacher resource site on the net. Search for it and someone’ll have done a lesson handout already.
8.MrBarton A fantastic resource with powerpoints, handouts, tarsias excel sheets etc for all KS3 and IGCSE topics.
9.Mathematics Illuminated Units Entire online units which explore everything from infinity, topology, game theory and extra dimensions.
10. Plus Maths A massive site with a large number of maths articles exploring careers, real life maths and current mathematical projects. Also lots of puzzles to try.
11.World Maths Day A chance for students to compete in lightning fast arithmetic calculations against contestants from across the world. (March each year)
12.Great Maths Teaching Ideas A mixture of blog posts, videos and maths teaching resources.
13. Maths Careers. An excellent resource to show the huge range of jobs that mathematicians can enter.
14. Wisweb A great collection of apps – especially useful for 3D visualisation.
15. Maths Fail.  A great blog with everything from maths jokes to puzzles to games and news.
16. Using the Internet to Spice up your Maths Lessons. This is an incredible resource which maps all possible areas of maths resources online.
17. Over 30,000 maths contest problems. This is a blog post which groups together all the world’s maths challenge materials – both questions and solutions.
18. Crypto Corner is the newest and best code making and code breaking website online – it’s got a huge amount of code information and also allows you to generate your own codes.



1. More with Daniel Tammet – An autistic Savant who “sees” numbers (synathesia).
2. Funny Youtube video “proving” 25 divided by 5 = 14.
3. Youtube video with a “proof” that 1 = 2
4. Excellent Maths Illuminated unit on primes
5. Youtube video of Fibonacci numbers in nature.



1. Nrich discussion on the compounding chess squares legend.

2. Carl Sagan on the speed of light and time dilation.


Geometry shapes and measures

1. Marcus du Sautoy TED talk about universal symmetry in nature.
2. Excellent Maths Illuminated unit on symmetry
3. Maths Illuminated resources on the fourth dimension.
4. Carl Sagan video on flatland and tesseracts.
5. Youtube video on how to imagine the 10th dimension.
6. Michael Kaku youtube video on string theory and multi-dimensions.
7.3D shapes solid shapes and their nets
8.App for transformations
9.Nets of cubes
10.Nets of shapes
11.Shapes that tessellate
12.Symmetry face research
13.symmetry mona lisa


Statistics and Probability

1. Wikipedia on Lottery mathematics.
2. Game theory and expected value for Deal or No Deal.
3. Youtube double slit experiment and wave function collapse.
4. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger’s Cat and probability as the fabric of reality.
5. Kaku video discussing determinism, free will and probability.
6. Collection of resources demonstrating misleading data.
7. Youtube BBC video discussing determinism, probability and chaotic systems.
8. Collection of Plus Maths articles discussing a variety of chaotic systems in real life.
9. A short BBC Horizon clip which discusses the Computer Simulation hypothesis – which is made by considering conditional probability.
10.Reaction Time baseball
11.Reaction Time startle
12.Sheep Reaction time BBC
13.Data handling actury life expectancy
14.Horse race 2 dice.
15.Gapminder data comparison
16.Guardian datablog
17.OECD stats
18.UN stats
19.Census at school data
20.Dice Roller
21Data handling actury life expectancy


Maths Games and Puzzles

1.A large number of Maths challenge puzzles.
2.Math and Logic Games
3.Make 24
4.The Ultimate Puzzle Site – Puzzles, riddles, quizzes, and tests.
5.Create and Solve Substitution Ciphers online
6.Morse Code Translator
7.Matchstick Puzzles
8.Some more Matchstick Puzzles
9.Math and Logic Puzzles from Mathisfun
10.Official Maths challenge materials
11.More maths puzzles from Galileo
12. Math Enrichment topics from Mathwire
13.Open-Ended Math Problems
14.Puzzles & Brain Teasers
15.Puzzles from Freepuzzles
16.The Ultimate Puzzle Site – Puzzles, riddles, quizzes, and tests….
17.Countdown Maths app.


1. Carl Sagan on the speed of light and time dilation. A lot of the above material links with physics, but the following three men probably deserve a special mention, as some of the leading popularisers of physics.
2. Michio Kaku – author of a number of fantastic physics books like Science of the Impossible and Parallel Worlds. He also has a large number of tv clips where he talks about everything from black holes to extra dimensions and QM.
3. Brian Greene – author of The Fabric of The Cosmos – one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. He’s not as prolific a video presence as Kaku, but there are still a number of interesting discussions on youtube.
4. Carl Sagan – the late great physicist, author of Pale Blue Dot. A number of his excellent Cosmos series episodes are preserved online.



1. Mandelbrot image Youtube video.
2. Short BBC documentary on fractals and Mandelbrot
3. Youtube video describing how to generate Julia sets.
4 Short BBC documentary looking at Escher’s maths through art.


1. Donlald Duck in Math Magicland video re Pythagoras and music.
2. Youtube video of Bach’s Crab Cannon looped on a Mobius strip.



1. Youtube video on Newton’s beliefs and eccentricities.

IGCSE topics

1. A large number of Plus Maths articles on vectors in the real world.
2. Youtube video – honey bees use vectors dancing to describe the position of flowers.


1.Crazy Vectors 747 Crosswind Landing
2.Donald in Mathmagic Land
3.GCSE – Distance-Time Speed-Time Graphs
4.How to Draw a Fibonacci Spiral
5.ESP card trick
6.Learning upgrade fractions song
7.learning upgrade quadratics song
8.Maths trick
9.O2 learn – Dr Maths presents Getting Triggy With It
11.TED-Ed Subjects
12. Math Learning Upgrade song – circles.
13. Learning Upgrade song – mean, median, mode
14.YouTube – maths trick
15. Cartoon video explaining the use of prime numbers in excryption.

Non-maths games

1.memory chimp
2.Optical Illusions1
3.Echalk optical illusions