As well as some specific ToK resources I have also included some general resources to help with teaching.


Tok Resources

1. Plus Maths – Probably the best maths website on the internet – absolutely packed with articles that explore ToK issues, real life mathematics and careers in maths.
2. Maths Illuminated 13 interactive units which explore everything from infinity to non-Euclidean geometry.
3. Mrs Davis’ ToK – A ToK site put together by Mrs Davis with a number of pdfs, powerpoints and videos
4. Tok Talk A great ToK site with a large number of ToK resources including some maths ToK articles.
5. Larry Ferlazzo’s ToK site Hundreds of links and ideas for ToK maths articles in the news.


IB Mathematics

1.3D Function Grapher A useful 3D grapher if you don’t have Autograph.
2. 3D Function Online Archimy
3.A collection of JAVA apps for teaching calculus, vectors and complex numbers. JAVA apps for use with IB maths.
4.GeoGebra Tutorial GeoGebra isn’t especially intuitive – this is how to use it.
5.A large collection of GeoGebra Applets Some great apps on everything from the unit circle, differentiation from first principles, volume of revolutions etc.
6.GeoGebraTube with even more Geogebra applets. See above!
7.Mandelbrot and Julia set generator. A great extension for lessons on complex numbers.
8.Learning Maths Forum A good forum to use in addition to the OCC site.
9.IB STATS Bulletin Very useful statistical information on grade distributions.
10.Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles A fantastic collection of difficult maths puzzles – HL or very able SL.
11.Oxford Education Math HL Support material A great addition to the new Oxford texbooks – full worked answers and calculator resources.
12.Oxford Education Math SL Support material
13.Oxford Education Math Studies support material.
14.Risps A large collection of extension problems for SL and HL students.
15.Online curriculum centre.The first stop resource for all IB documents and a great forum for support.
16.Graphing Calculator Tutorials How to use the TI-84.
17.IB Maths past papers Free past papers from – stock market simulator. A great resource to link with financial maths and maths careers.
19.Big number scientific calculator For when the TI-84 just isn’t powerful enough!
20. Youtube Numberphile channel About 100 short Youtube videos explaining everything from infinity to prime encryption to Graham’s number. Also indexed here.
21. Educational Freeware. Some great freeware and website links.
22. Maths Fail.  A great blog with everything from maths jokes to puzzles to games and news.
23. Using the Internet to Spice up your Maths Lessons. This is an incredible resource which maps all possible areas of maths resources online.
24. Maths Tube . An excellent resource – which has grouped together a huge number of top quality maths videos.
25. Over 30,000 maths contest problems. This is a blog post which groups together all the world’s maths challenge materials – both questions and solutions.


General Mathematics sites

1.Emaths A comprehensive collection of resources – in particular a lot of Autograph student handouts and some good IB tarsia games.
2. NCTM Illuminations A large number of searchable enrichment activities, plus a large number of apps (under activities) to help with calculus, graphing and vectors.
3.Maths is fun A large number of maths puzzles – algebra, number and logic.
4.Mymaths (Paid) login required – but it contains a huge number of resources for IB.
5.Nrich A constantly updated and searchable site with lots of graded maths problems.
6. CIMT Lots of resources for real life maths, code breaking and puzzles.
7.TES Maths resources Probably the biggest teacher resource site on the net. Currently not really geared to IB but still a lot of good A-level content.
8.MrBarton’s Maths A fantastic resource with powerpoints, handouts, tarsias excel sheets etc for all the A-level topics.
9.Mathematics Illuminated Units Entire online units which explore everything from infinity, topology, game theory and extra dimensions.
10. Plus Maths A massive site with a large number of maths articles exploring careers, real life maths and current mathematical projects. Also lots of puzzles to try.
11. World Maths Day A chance for students to compete in lightning fast arithmetic calculations against contestants from across the world. (March each year)
12.Great Maths Teaching Ideas A mixture of blog posts, videos and maths teaching resources.
13.Maths Careers. An excellent resource to show the huge range of jobs that mathematicians can enter.
14. Math and Multimedia. A great general site with ideas on use of multimedia and maths – blogs, wikis, Geogebra, Wolfram etc.