Paper 3 investigations

Teacher resources:

If you are a teacher then please also visit my new site:  This new site has 20 full paper 3 investigations (including those shown below) as well as 100 pdf worksheets with 100 pdf full worked solutions  covering the whole of the SL and HL Analysis syllabus, 35 flipchart quizzes for IGCSE students and full worked solution notes for IGCSE Extended and Additional Maths.

Student resource:

Below I have embedded some investigations to view.  You can buy a student Paper 3 pack – which includes 8 full investigation questions (around 240 marks) and full worked solutions through the PayPal link below.  There is another bundle offer at the bottom of the page.

Student Paper 3 Investigation pack for HL Analysis 

Questions include:

  1. Rotating curves
  2. Who killed Mr Potato?
  3. Graphically understanding complex roots
  4. Avoiding a magical barrier
  5. Circle packing density
  6. A sliding ladder investigation
  7. Exploring the Si(x) function
  8. Volume optimization of a cuboid 

Buy the Student P3 Investigation pack [with MS]

This includes 8 investigation questions and full worked solutions (57 pages of content). You can pay below. If you don’t have a PayPal account please click the relevant credit card. Please note this is not an automatic download – I will email it to you the same day.


Student P3 pack [with MS] AND Exploration Guide

This includes all the investigation material and also a 60 page Exploration Guide. You can pay below. If you don’t have a PayPal account please click the relevant credit card. Please note this is not an automatic download – I will email it to you the same day.


Paper 1: Rotating curves: 

Students explore the use of parametric and Cartesian equations to rotate a curve around the origin.  You can see a tutorial video on this above.  The mathematics used here is trigonometry (identities and triangles), functions and transformations.

Click to access rotate-curve.pdf

Paper 2: Who killed Mr. Potato?

Students explore Newton’s Law of Cooling to predict when a potato was removed from an oven.  The mathematics used here is logs laws, linear regression and solving differential equations.

Click to access Who-killed-mr-potato.pdf

Paper 3:  Graphically understanding complex roots 

Students explore graphical methods for finding complex roots of quadratics and cubics.  The mathematics used here is complex numbers (finding roots), the sum and product of roots, factor and remainder theorems, equations of tangents.

Click to access graphically-understanding-complex-roots.pdf

Paper 4: Avoiding a magical barrier 

Students explore a scenario that requires them to solve increasingly difficult optimization problems to find the best way of avoiding a barrier.  The mathematics used here is creating equations, optimization and probability.

Click to access Avoiding-a-magical-barrier.pdf

Super bundle

You can also buy the following content as a super bundle:


Super Bundle! Paper 3 Practice Question and markscheme AND Exploration Guide AND Modelling Guide AND Statistics Guide

All the Paper 3 resources and also 3 separate guides to help teachers/students with the exploration. The Exploration Guide (63 pages) talks through all the essentials needed for excellent explorations, the Modelling Guide (50 pages) talks through both calculator and non-calculator methods for numerous regression techniques and the Statistics Guide (55 pages) talks through different statistical techniques that can be used in explorations. Also comprehensive sections on using Desmos to represent graphs and data effectively. Please note this is not an automatic download and will be sent the same day.