Year 9 BISP test topics

Algebra 2

Expanding double brackets:

Expanding single brackets and simplifying:

Factorising quadratics

Factorising quadratics and solving:

nth term of quadratics:

Finding nth term of geometric (multiply by constant) – watch first 5 minutes only!

nth term of linear sequences:

Algebra word problems:

Introduction to solving inequalities:

Solving quadratic inequalities:

Representing inequalities on a graph:

Finding perpendiculars to lines (method 1):

Finding perpendiculars (method 2):

Trial and error:

Optimisation (solving algebra problems using graphs):

Solving equations using graphs:

No videos found for this!

not on the test, but useful to know:

Solving quadratic equations with the formula


Area of compound shapes 1:

Area of compound shapes 2:

Area of compound shapes 3:

Volume and surface area of box:

Volume and surface area of prism:

Stats and probability

Sample Space Diagrams:

Tree Diagrams:

Theoretical and Experimental Probability:

Mean median and mode from frequency tables:

Scatter graphs:

Algebra 1

Solving Simultaneous Equations with elimination 1

Solving Simultaneous Equations with elimination 2

Solving Simultaneous Equations with substitution

Solving simultaneous Equations with graphs


Standard Form

Indices laws for multiplying powers

Fractional Indices

Substitution and BODMAS:

Percentage change:

Reverse percentage:

Mixed percentage questions:



Trigonometry (SOHCAHTOA):

Bearings and triangles:


How to enlarge a shape with a whole number scale factor:

Translations, Reflections and Rotations: