There are two sites that I recommend if you’re looking for high quality tuition online: Spires tutors for 1-1 tutor led lessons across all IB subjects and Revision Village for self taught IB maths resources. Both are excellent resources for IB students.

Tutor taught

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There is a real lack of highly qualified IB teachers capable of providing the private tuition needed for students to excel in their subjects – it’s difficult to find good face-to-face tutors in most places, and many IB tutors online are just former students rather than well qualified and experienced IB teachers.

As a result I have partnered up with Spires Tutoring, which is the world leader in high-quality online IB tuition.  The reasons I like Spires are because:

1) They only accept 4% of tutors who apply to teach.  This means you only get genuinely top-quality teachers.  Rather than learn IB maths from an ex-IB student you can choose to learn IB Maths from Daniel with a degree in theoretical physics from Oxford, Shahid with an MSc. and 700 hours of online tuition experience or Wafaa with a mathematics PhD and over 3000 hours of tutoring experience.

2) You can record your lessons with their award winning virtual classroom platform across all devices.  This allows you to replay content 24/7.

3) You can have a free trial with the tutor you decide is right for you before committing to a course of lessons.

4) They provide IB teachers across all subjects – so whether you are struggling in IB Mathematics Analysis HL, want to prepare for your TOK presentation, need help revising for Psychology SL, or really need to get a 7 in Biology to get into Medicine then this is a really great online resource.

5) Their platform ensures you get the best possible price.  You post a tuition request and then tutors in your subject bid on it like an auction. You can then review their profiles, qualifications and reviews to make sure they meet your requirements.

The most important factor in improving your IB grades is having a tutor who knows the course inside out – i.e someone who knows how the examiners think, who knows how the syllabus is tested and who is able to flag up niche ideas and topic areas which are neglected in textbooks but which often occur. So, if you’re looking for a highly experienced tutor for 1-1 personal IB tuition then give them a try!

Self taught

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IB Revision with Revision Village

There’s a really great website been put together to help IB students with topic revision both for during the course and for the end of Year 12 school exams and Year 13 final exams.  I would strongly recommend students use this as a resource during the course (not just for final revision in Y13!) There are specific resources for HL, SL and Studies students.

You choose your subject (HL/SL/Studies if your exam is in 2020 or Applications/Analysis if your exam is in 2021) and get the following screen:

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The Questionbank takes you to a breakdown of each main subject area (e.g. Algebra, Calculus etc) and each area then has a number of graded questions like:

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What I like about this is that you are given a difficulty rating, as well as a mark scheme and also a worked video tutorial.  Really useful!

The Practice Exams section takes you to ready made exams on each topic – again with worked solutions.  This also has some harder exams for those students aiming for 6s and 7s.

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The Past IB Exams section takes you to full worked solutions to each full paper.

and lastly you can also get a prediction exam for the upcoming year.

For HL students (exam in 2020) you can click here

For SL students (exam in 2020) you can click here

For Studies students (exam in 2020) you can click here

For Analysis students and Applications students (exam in 2021) you can click here

You can also download the Mathematics Studies SL Formula booklet and the Standard Level Formula booklet from here if your teachers haven’t given you a copy.

I would really recommend everyone making use of this – there is a mixture of a lot of free content as well as premium content so have a look and see what you think.