There’s not a great amount of maths IB resources on the internet – but here are some good resources to download.  (Many resources hosted on TES – which requires a signup but is free and as it has over 500,000 teaching resources, it’s well worth it!)

Graphics Calculator Guide for TI-84

ti 84

The Ti-83/84 series seems to be currently the most popular in schools – though isn’t especially intuitive.  I’ve made 3 separate student guides (for HL, SL and Studies) to be given to students as a reference tool for all the things they need to be able to do.  You can download here.

Maths Tarsia


Maths Tarsia are one of the best group activities for maths. I’ve uploaded 14 Tarsia specifically for IB here . There include:
HL or SL:
Binomial distribution
Normal distribution
Poisson distribution
Financial maths

There are also already a large number of Tarsia puzzles on TES Secondary Maths Resources but most of these relate to A level rather than IB so may need a little editing.

Maths Jeopardy Quizzes


One of my favourite resources is Jeopardy. For those not familiar with the game (I think it’s American), it’s a gameshow, where you get to choose questions of different levels of difficulty, from a range of categories. I downloaded the template from TES – it’s a ready-made powerpoint which you can click on to take you to relevant questions, and then another click returns you to the home screen. The class can be split into teams, each team given a whiteboard and (say) 2 minutes to answer a question. Teams with the correct answer get those points for their teams. The challenge round adds a bit more excitement – and you can add any general questions or puzzles – such as dingbats or memory challenges (memorise pi to 10 places etc).

The great thing about this resource is that you can easily edit it to create your own versions, it’s a really popular game with students, allows team work and works really well as an end of topic revision activity.

The Jeopardy Games can be downloaded here. The topics of use for IB teachers include:

GCSE revision
IB prior knowledge revision
IB HL trigonometry
IB HL probability, statistics and complex numbers
IB HL vectors
IB Maths Studies revision
Maths and Science whole school quiz.

IB Maths ToK

computer simulation

Maths ToK (Theory of Knowledge) is a really fantastic opportunity for:

1.  Providing varied 10 minute starter material at the beginning of lessons to stimulate students’ interest in maths.
2. Providing a wealth of resources for students interested in writing about mathematics for their ToK essays.
3. Providing ideas and resources for teachers giving any ToK lectures on mathematics.
4. Providing ideas about future careers involving mathematics

You can access a syllabus plan which links the new IB HL and IB SL syllabus to a huge wealth of ToK ideas and resources.

Making Statistics Relevant


Making Statistics Relevant is a brilliant website from the same creator as the RISPS resources – Jonny Griffiths.  Each statistics topic has an extension task created to get students using their problem solving skills.  Topics covered include measures of central tendency, probability, discrete random variables, poisson distribution, binomial distribution, normal distribution and chi squared.  Great for providing varied non-textbook material and for stretching gifted and talented students.

Data Handling for IB Maths Studies or SL

IB Maths Studies Data

This is a really nice worksheet and associated powerpoint for collecting a variety of data from the class – measuring reaction times, memory, head circumference etc etc.  Everything is easily laid out ready for students to fill in.  Would also be suitable for IGCSE, and even KS3.

SRWhitehouse Worksheets


 SRWhitehouse has provided a massive number of high quality worksheets on IB (and A level) topics – there’s a huge number of worksheets to choose from, everything from trig graphs to proof by induction to logs to binomial expansion, it’s all been done.  A massive help when it comes to generating additional non-textbook resources.