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IB Maths Exploration Guide (suitable for all IB students: Applications and Interpretations, Analysis and Approaches). Written by an IB teacher with an MSc. in Mathematics, 10 years experience teaching IB Standard and Higher Level and who has worked as an IB examiner (SL coursework moderation).

You can download a 70-page pdf guide to the entire IA coursework process for the new syllabus (first exam 2021) to help you get excellent marks in your maths exploration.  The guide talks you through

  1. An introduction to the essentials about the investigation,
  2. The new marking criteria,
  3. How to choose a topic,
  4. Examples of around 70 topics that could be investigated,
  5. Useful websites for use in the exploration,
  6. A student checklist for completing a good investigation,
  7. Common mistakes that students make and how to avoid them,
  8. A worked example for the maths behind correlation investigations,
  9. General stats projects advice
  10. A selection of some interesting exploration topics explored in more depth,
  11. Teacher advice for marking,
  12. Templates for draft submissions,
  13. Advice on how to use Geogebra, Desmos and Tracker in your exploration,
  14. Some examples of beautiful maths using Geogebra and Desmos.

[This guide will be sent via email the same day and is not an automatic download]:

Maths Exploration Guide

A 70 page guide to help you get top marks on your maths investigation. If you have a PayPal account click on the PayPal symbol - if not click on the relevant credit card.


Exploration Guide

A comprehensive 70 page pdf guide to help you get excellent marks on your maths investigation. Includes how to choose a topic, over 70 topic ideas, marking criteria guidance, Pearson's Product method, common students mistakes, in-depth topic examples and much more! [Will be emailed within the same day as ordered].


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