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IB Maths Super Exploration Guide

Below you can download a comprehensive exploration guide that I’ve written to help students get excellent marks on their IB maths coursework.  The guide is suitable for both Analysis and also Applications students. Over the past several years I’ve written over 200 posts with exploration ideas and marked hundreds of IAs whilst working as an IB examiner.  It’s frustrating how many students throw away marks from not understanding the criteria correctly.  Hopefully this will make a big difference!

I have split the guide into 3 separate pdfs – focusing on (1) Exploration essentials (2) Statistical explorations (3) Modeling explorations.  The first guide is completely free.

Content in the 3 guides includes:

  1. The new marking criteria,
  2. How to choose a topic,
  3. Examples of around 70 topics that could be investigated,
  4. Useful websites for use in the exploration,
  5. A student checklist for completing a good investigation,
  6. Common mistakes that students make and how to avoid them,
  7. Regression techniques (polynomial, trigonometric, exponential etc) 
  8. Non calculator methods for modelling (to show understanding)
  9. Technology support – how to use Desmos, Tracker and Geogebra effectively
  10. Pearson’s product and correlation investigation methods
  11. Chi-squared and Spearman’s rank investigations 
  12. Advanced statistical techniques (t-tests, Poisson, Bernoulli trials, normal distribution and more)
  13. Non calculator methods for statistics (to show understanding)
  14. And a lot, lot more!

Make sure you give yourself the best chance of doing well on your coursework.

Part 1: Exploration Essentials Guide (63 pages)

You can download this for free here

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Part 2: Statistics for Explorations Guide (55 pages)

You can download a preview pdf here

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Part 3: Modelling for Explorations Guide (50 pages)

You can download a preview pdf here

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Purchase options

Please note – these will be emailed to you and are not an automatic download. You don’t need a PayPal account – simply click the relevant credit card to pay as a guest.

(1) Exploration Guide bundle.

IB Maths Super Exploration Guide Bundle

The IB Maths Super Exploration Guide Bundle contains the Exploration Guide Essentials (63 pages), Statistics for Explorations (55 pages) and Modeling for Explorations (50 pages). Please note this is not an automatic download – but will be emailed to you the same day.


(2) HL Paper 3 Bundle

If you are also doing Higher Level then you can purchase a bundle of both the Super Exploration Guide and also some Paper 3 questions with full worked solutions.

Exploration Guide + Analysis Paper 3s

Both the Exploration Guide and 8 Paper 3s for the Analysis course


Exploration Guide + Applications Paper 3s

Both the Exploration Guide and 6 Paper 3s for the Applications course


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New website for International teachers

I’ve just launched a brand new maths site for international schools – over 2000 pdf pages of resources to support IB teachers.  If you are an IB teacher this could save you 200+ hours of preparation time.

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Free HL Paper 3 Questions

P3 investigation questions and fully typed mark scheme.  Packs for both Applications students and Analysis students.

Available to download here

IB Maths Super Exploration Guide

A Super Exploration Guide with 168 pages of essential advice from a current IB examiner to ensure you get great marks on your coursework.

Available to download here.

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