The videos are grouped into:
1) General and Algebra
2) Functions, Trigonometry and Vectors
3) Probability
4) Calculus and Cross-curricular

2.2-2.5 Graphing functions

Youtube video on the inverse square law.

Carl Sagan on the speed of light and time dilation.

60 seconds in Thought – Twin paradox (number 5)

2.6 Quadratics

Youtube video Joel Cohen: An Introduction to Demography (minutes 3-9)

3.1-3.4 Triangles

Donlald Duck in Math Magicland video re Pythagoras and music.

Youtube video of Bach’s Crab Cannon looped on a Mobius strip.

3.7 Cosine rule

Youtube video on triangulation and parallax

Vectors 4.1

Youtube video – honey bees use vectors dancing to describe the position of flowers

4.7 Vector planes in 3 dimensions

Carl Sagan video on flatland and tesseracts.