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Exploration guide FINAL 2020 (7)



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Exploration Guide

A comprehensive 63 page pdf guide to help you get excellent marks on your maths investigation. Includes advice on how to choose a topic, over 70 hand-picked topic ideas, detailed marking criteria guidance on how to maximize your marks, common students mistakes and how to avoid them, in-depth topic examples, great technology advice to enhance your exploration, some examples of beautiful maths and much more! [Will be emailed within the same day as ordered].



Exploration Guide AND Modelling and Statistics Guide

The comprehensive 63 page Exploration Guide AND the additional 60 page Modeling and Statistics Guide. [Will be emailed within the same day as ordered].


Modelling and Statistics Guide

A 60 page pdf guide full of advice to help with modelling and statistics explorations. Contains an in-depth Pearson's Product investigation, and investigations using Chi Squared, Spearman's rank, t-tests, binomial and more. Also includes detailed regression techniques (linear, quadratic, cubic, trigonometric, exponential, linearization using log scales. [Will be emailed within the same day as ordered].


IB Maths Exploration Guide Plus Predicted Paper

Because students sitting their exams in 2021 will be the first students to sit the new syllabus there is a shortage of past papers completely aligned with this syllabus content. Therefore I will make the following 3 predicted papers:

  1. Analysis and Approaches SL Paper 1.
  2. Analysis and Approaches HL Paper 1.
  3. Applications and Interpretations SL Paper 1.

The Exploration Guide will be emailed the same day and I will email one of these papers out in February 2021 to help with your final exam preparation.

Maths Exploration Guide + Predicted Paper

Please specify somewhere in your address which paper you want. If you have a PayPal account click on the PayPal symbol - if not click on the relevant credit card.