The videos are grouped into:
1) General and Algebra
2) Functions, Trigonometry and Vectors
3) Probability
4) Calculus and Cross-curricular

5.1 Statistics and Probability

Youtube double slit experiment and wave function collapse.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, Schrodinger’s Cat and probability as the fabric of reality.

Kaku video discussing determinism, free will and probability

Youtube BBC video discussing determinism, probability and chaotic systems.

TED talk about statistics and misconceptions in real life.

60 seconds in thought – Schodinger’s cat (number 6)

5.4 Conditional probability

A short BBC Horizon clip which discusses the Computer Simulation hypothesis – which is made by considering conditional probability.

Monty Hall Problem on conditional probability.

5.5 Discrete and continuous

Derren Brown tosses 10 heads in a row. Discuss how this is possible?

Derren Brown revealed solution (7 mins in). Discuss hypothesis testing versus data mining.

Youtube video on Benford’s Law.