flipping maths

The IB studies videos are grouped into:

1) Algebra and Number: Standard form, arithmetic sequences, arithmetic series, geometric sequences, geometric series, compound interest

2) Statistics:Finding mean, median, mode from discrete and continuous data, plotting cumulative frequency curves, box plots, how to find standard deviation and mean from a GDC

3) Logic and Probability: Logic, conditional probability, tree diagrams, sample space diagrams, 2 way tables, Venn diagrams.

4) Statistical Applications: Normal distribution, Scatter diagrams, Pearson’s Product Moment (r values), Bivariate data, Chi Squared

5) Geometry and Trigonometry: How to find intersections of lines, equations of lines, midpoints, normals, trigonometry SOHCAHTOA, sine rule, cosine rule, 3D geometry.

6) Functions and Modelling: Quadratic graphs, translating quadratic graphs, exponential functions, functions – domains and range, plotting graphs using a GDC

7) Calculus: Introduction to differentiation, stationary points, finding normals and tangents, finding max and min values using a GDC.