Basic differentiation an introduction:

More practice of basic differentiation:

Fractional and negative powers:

Finding the equation of a tangent line and normals:

Increasing and decreasing functions:

Differentiation from first principles:

Differentiating e^x

Product rule 1:

Product rule 2:

Quotient Rule 1:

Quotient Rule 2:

Chain rule for brackets:

Chain rule for e^x:

Product rule and chain rule:

Quotient rule and chain rule:

Chain rule for lnx:

Differentiating trig:

Matching graphs with their derivative functions:

The first derivative test to find max, min:

The second derivative test to find max, min:

How to find inflection points and concavity:

Optimisation problems:

More difficult optimisation problems:

An introduction to kinematics (speed, distance, acceleration):

More on Kinematics (including integration – which we haven’t covered yet!)

An Excellent Calculus Playlist: