1.1 Basic Algebra

Youtube video of Fibonacci numbers in nature.

Do numbers exist? One of a large number of Numberphile videos on Youtube.

Carl Sagan on the speed of light and time dilation.

Brain Greene TED talk about universal “fine tuning”.

Daniel Tammet – An autistic Savant who “sees” numbers (synathesia)

Problems with zero – a Numberphile which looks at dividing by zero, zero to the power zero and zero divided by zero.

1.6 Imaginary numbers

Mandelbrot image Youtube video.

Youtube video describing how to generate Julia sets.

A video explaining how to derive Euler’s equation. (Requires integration and complex numbers).

1.4 and 1.7 Induction

Funny Youtube video “proving” 25 divided by 5 = 14.

Youtube video with a “proof” that 1 = 2

Youtube video explaining Goldbach’s conjecture visually.

1.8 Solutions in 3D

Carl Sagan video on flatland and tesseracts.

Youtube video on how to imagine the 10th dimension.

Michael Kaku youtube video on string theory and multi-dimensions.