The videos are grouped into:
1) General and Algebra
2) Functions, Trigonometry and Vectors
3) Probability
4) Calculus and Cross-curricular


60 Seconds in Thought – Achilles and the Tortoise.

Youtube video on Newton’s beliefs and eccentricities.

A video on the history of calculus as told through cartoons – Newton and Leibniz.

A BBC video – A history of infinity (3 parts). Part 2 discusses Achilles and the Planck unit.

Short BBC documentary on fractals and Mandelbrot

Hilbert’s Infinite Hotel – 60-Second Adventures in Thought (4-6)

A fun youtube video – “Calculus Rhapsody.

A video explaining how to derive Euler’s equation. (Requires integration and complex numbers).

Links with Art

Marcus du Sautoy TED talk about universal symmetry in nature.

Short BBC documentary looking at Escher’s maths through art

Links with Economics, Biology and Psychology

Golden Balls Split or Steal video