The IB Additional Flipping Maths Videos are grouped into:

1a) Algebra 1- Logs and Indices:  laws of logs, natural log, solving equations with logs, Indices, surds, rationalising the denominator,

1b) Algebra 2 – Binomials, combinations, simultaneous equations: binomial expansion with one and two brackets,  permutations and combinations, solving simultaneous equations with non-linear terms.

1c) Algebra 3 – Quadratic and polynomial functions: Finding maximum or minimum values, sketch quadratic graphs and find range, find when f(x) has 2,1,0 roots, find solutions for quadratic inequalities, use the factor and remainder theorem to factorise cubics.

2) Functions: functions – find composites and inverses, domains of functions, absolute values of graphs, solving quadratics using the determinant, sketching quadratics, sketching absolute values.

3) Vectors: Position vectors, magnitude of vectors, unit vectors, component form, velocity and relative velocity.

4) Trigonometry: Finding areas and arc lengths of sectors, convert from degrees to radians, trig ratios, transforming trig graphs, solving trig functions.

6) Matrices and sets: Venn diagrams, set notation, multiplying matrices, finding determinants and inverses, solving simultaneous equations using matrices.

7a) Calculus 1: Differentiation rules – chain rule, product rule, quotient rule, optimisation, rates of change, equation of tangents.

7b) Calculus 2: integration rules, integration of functions in brackets, definite integrals, kinematics

Most of the videos are taken from the two fantastic video collections of PatrickJMT and ExamSolutions. Both have even more videos to watch to view topics in more detail.