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Getting a 7 in IB Maths Exploration Coursework

I’ve teamed up with Udemy – the world’s leading provider of online courses to create a comprehensive online guide to the exploration.  It includes 9 tutorial videos of essential information designed to ensure you get the best possible grade. You will also get a 60 page pdf Exploration Guide (worth $7.50) for free.

The IB Maths coursework is worth 20% of the final grade – but many students score poorly on this, and sometimes because of poor advice.  Gain the inside track on what makes a good coursework piece from an IB Maths Examiner as you learn all the skills necessary to produce something outstanding.   The video tutorials will cover

1) The tools required to pick an excellent topic,

2) Looking at how to gain a deep understanding of the criteria points,

3) Non calculator technique to demonstrate thorough understanding,

4) Exploring top tips for making beautiful graphs and modeling using Desmos,

5) Comparing “good” versus “bad” examples of coursework.

6) Achieving a Level 7 – what you need to do to hit the top criteria levels.

There is more than 140 minutes of video tutorial content as well as a number of multiple choice quizzes to aid understanding.  There are also a number of pdf downloads to support the lesson content – such as a criteria checklist, examples of topics to research in more detail, a initial submission sheet and also some data to use in Desmos graphing.

See the free preview here.