1) Mean, Median, Mode, Range:

2) Mean from frequency table (method 1):

3) Mean from frequency table (method 2):

4) Experimental Probability:

1) Nets and Surface Area:

2) Prime Factors:

3) Significant Figures:

4) HCF and LCM:

5) Isometric Drawings:

6) Surface Area of cuboid:

New Homework Videos:

Number 1

Constructions using a compass: (first 5 minutes only)

Number 2

Indices laws for multiplying powers

Number 3

Solving linear equations with x on both sides:

Number 4

Fractions and decimals:


Number 1:

How to enlarge a shape with a whole number scale factor:

Number 2:

Translations, Reflections and Rotations:

Number 3:

Sample Space Diagrams:

Number 4:

Ratio and Proportion:

1) Expanding double brackets:

2) Area of compound shapes (watch both!):

3) Substitution and BODMAS:

4) Triangle problems (watch both!):

1) Expanding brackets and simplifying:

2) Finding prime factors and using them to find Highest Common Factors

3) Finding nth terms:

4) Maths magic trick: